This is us

Easily put together Welcome to the World of Q'nZo! Watch our introduction video on the left!

This is what we do

Q'nZo BV is a company that focuses on providing advice and support for Quality Assurance and an administrative organisation in which the customer's wishes are paramount and a simple, clear and suitable solution is sought. Q'nZo also provides training in quality management, personal development and auditing. Q'nZo's expertise lies mainly in the public sector but also extends to other sectors. Q'nZo specializes in various ISO standards, project & interim management and AO . We can also carry out (internal) audits in order to unburden you and to map out your (sub)processes to be able to advise you on improvements.

Jeans mentality

At first it's tight, stiff, sometimes still neatly in the crease. Gradually it starts to move and adjust to you, sometimes it loses its redundant fringes and may get trendy frayed edges on the bottom of the pipes. Wide legs or tight fitting, with or without elastic band, button fly or zipper. There's nothing wrong with pinstripes, but they remain beautiful in shape and are quickly banished when there are holes at the knee. It's those little tears, quirky patches and coloured stitching that make them your favourite trousers! Q'nZo would also like to take a comfortable shape for your company and help you put together your favourite pair of trousers. Whether you want to hang your business in the closet, roll it up or fold it neatly, we like to think along with you to make it as suitable as possible for you.

Give a helping hand

Social involvement is an important cornerstone of Q'nZo, as you can see by the Q-Huis . To give this even more shape, we are affiliated with MENS de Bilt, where we make ourselves useful with the aid of handy hands. Because we consider this of high importance, you will find this reflected in our offer of training and this will certainly come back in the conversations we will have with you. :)