Q'nZo specialises in setting up, renewing, simplifying and adapting your Quality management system. And as you have come to expect from us by now, this can also be done in the broadest sense of the word :). So even if you (the company) are not certified or accredited, but just want to get your affairs in order, we are there for you. What it's all about is that you have a useful and practical insight into what's going on in your company and that you can focus on the aspects that are important to you. It is therefore important for employees to be able to work with pragmatic, simple and clear instruments. It is then necessary that all those involved think along with you in the management system to be set up. This will give your company the strength to easily control all areas and will require minimal maintenance.
‘It is therefore essential that all those involved think along with the management system to be set up'.
And of course you have to deal with frameworks and rules, whether or not imposed from the outside, especially if your company is certified or even accredited. But even then, we can take you with us in the process of interpreting and applying these rules properly, so that they can even be of help when carrying out your work. Please feel free to drop by and see what we can do for you.
see a different side
Of course you have your affairs in order and your business is running properly. You've done everything in your power to get this done. Nevertheless, it is advisable -and in some cases even mandatory- to have the ins and outs of your business checked by strangers every now and then. This is advisable because there are always things that have been overlooked and moreover, it is sometimes desirable to get a fresh perspective. This can lead to surprising new things!
‘In addition to the fact that we can carry out the audits ourselves, we can also help put together your own audit team'.
Q'nZo can help you
Absolutely. We can conduct audits within your company. Of course, where necessary we will take a strict look at your own rules or imposed requirements from the outside. But what we also find interesting is to gain insight into how you have dealt with these rules and regulations. And we will certainly think along with you on issues where you experience problems. Our auditors have been trained by renowned institutes to test various ISO standards, carry out project audits and review management systems. They are not authorised to issue certifications for accreditations, but are well acquainted with these organizations. Besides the fact that we can carry out the audits for you ourselves, we can also help to put together and train your own audit team in such a way that you can continue to check on your business activities within your own ranks from now on.
‘We carry out secretarial audits, both in the regular sense as well as customised audits. And that makes us, as far as we know, unique in the Netherlands!’
the unique broader view: Of course! :)
It won't surprise you anymore if we say that we also have a broader view in the field of audits! After all, it is quite normal to use audits within your company to draw attention to the work that is especially important to your clients. But have you ever considered that your secretariat has an equally important function? And that it is certainly worthwhile to take a closer look at their area of work? We carry out secretarial audits, both in the regular sense as well as customised audits. And that makes us, as far as we know, unique in the Netherlands!
‘Basically, we just want to be there for you in time, watch along with you and give advice where things can possibly be done differently. We consider this more like an extra set of eyes :)’
More information can be found in the section 'Don't underestimate this jack of all trades' .
We dare to say that if your organization is of such a size that you have this supported branch at your disposal, your secretariat is absolutely an indispensable factor. Besides the fact that they are able to take care of several things at the same time, maintain the regular administration for you, establish contacts and often have basic knowledge in many areas, they are also pre-eminently the ones who are the connecting factor within the department and offer a helping hand in all kinds of areas. It is therefore somewhat surprising that these employees are rarely included as a 'framed' part of a review , management system, etc. In other words, the question of how to do this is rarely asked. For other employees there are all kinds of guidelines but usually not for a secretariat. It is a specific branch, which requires specific attention. By taking stock of how processes run, what goes well and what can be improved, where are specific and/or general opportunities for improvement, more quality awareness is created and talents become more visible.Thus… talents are also more visible to each other, are better used and cooperation is increased.
‘By taking stock of how processes run, what goes well and what can be improved, where are specific and/or general opportunities for improvement, more quality awareness is created and talents become more visible.’
Whether it concerns a baseline measurement, a secretarial audit or a customised audit, we stand out in this area and have extensive expertise to offer. Auditing sounds tough and serious. Q'nzo is of opinion that the aim of audits should be to find out where the real problem lies, in particular to prevent unjustified and irreparable damage. We are confident that you have perfectly valid reasons to follow the path you have taken.
Q'nZo Academy provides training modules, workshops and coaching in all areas of quality, AO , workplace design and auditing. Of course you will need knowledge for this that you probably already possess for a large part. We make sure that you learn to apply it in a useful, comfortable and efficient way with practical tools. This combined with the question as to where you have the most added value and where you stand out to the full. In order to reinforce this, we would also like to visit you in the workplace, so that we can think along with you and your team.
We’d like to have a seat with you.
SSometimes you get to a point within your company where you notice that things are not going so well anymore but that you might not be able to put your finger on it. Then it's nice to be given a fresh look at all the ins and outs behind your doors. Q'nZo likes to come to your table as a guest to help you with that. We have extensive in-house knowledge of management and small-scale reorganisations, along with a healthy dose of coaching skills, people management and change management. We can help you from the side-lines with insights and give you the tools for a different structure. But we can also join you in the workplace to give your company a helping hand to let it thrive again. Even if there are temporary vacancies within your management team, you can call on us to provide you with an interim manager.